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a mobile application that helps combat food waste

How bad is food wastage, really?

Over 40% of all food that is produced globally is never eaten; to put that into perspective, a land mass larger than China is used to grow all the food that is ultimately wasted!


The App

The 'ExtraEats' app aims to help reduce the problem of food wastage throughout the nation, by giving event planners a way to share food that is left over after events. They can post a picture and small description of the food, along with a location on the university campus where students can come pick it up, for free. Less food will be wasted after events, helping make the campus a greener place. It will also aid food insecure students. Currently, this has been implemented in Santa Clara University, with SCU students and faculty accessing it through a single sign-on. In the future, this app can be expanded to other school and office campuses, helping reduce food wastage in a variety of places.

SCU Center for Sustainability

About the Customer

SCU’s Center for Sustainability hosts events and has programs and initiatives to help the University reach climate neutrality, develop a culture of sustainability, and be mindful about consumption. The Center for Sustainability is a team of SCU staff and undergraduate students, totaling about 30 members.

Lindsey Kalkbrenner, the director of the Center for Sustainability was our community partner. She proposed the app, and was who we met with to discuss app requirements, specifications, app progress, and any problems. 

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